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KPOP idol Fansign Fanboard maker

Written : 2018.1.9

Let's make 'Hangul image' easily

Have you ever seen KPOP fans in a concert hall? They has messages fansign & fanboard for KPOP idols on a paper such as card board. If you use this 'KPOP idol support board maker', you can make the KPOP idol fansign & fanboard very easily.
Small size fansign & fanboard made by the KPOP idol fansign & fanboard maker
Small size fansign & fanboard made by the KPOP idol fansign & fanboard maker

KPOP idol fansign & fanboard maker

※ Notice : With this page you can see small size image to check your options such as font size, font color and font type only. But if you click the converted image that you see, you can download clear large size printable image file.
좋아죽겠어!(I love you to death!)와방좋아♥(I love you very much!)조아조아!(Love you! Love you!)♥영원히 사랑해!(I love you forever!)너뿐이야!(You're the one!)너뿐야!(You're the one!)기도할게요!(I pray for you!)기도해!(I pray for you!)♥사랑해♥(I love you!)사랑해요!(I love you!)응원해요!(I support you!)응원해!♥(Support you!)하트해줘!(Give me your heart!)하트하트!(Heart! Heart!)손흔들어!(Shake your hands!)멋있어요!(Too cool!)나의천사!(My angel!)생일축하!(Happy birthday!)파이팅!(Cheer up!)하이터치!(Hi-five!)
KPOP idol name fanboard images

Your word or character is larger than paper, you maybe fail to download image. If so, resize your word or character please.
If you want to make colored background, you have to select 'Background : Colored(JPG)' first. If you select 'Background : Transparent(PNG)', the background color that you selected will be ignored.

How to use

  1. Input your Hangul message text. Maximum text length is 30 letters.
  2. Select font size, font color, font type, horizontal reflection, direction of paper and background color.
  3. Click 'Convert' button.
  4. Click converted image to download it.
[Penpal] Let's make Korean friends!
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