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Hangul to image converter - basic version

Written : 2018.1.9

Let's make 'Hangul image' easily

Using this online Hangul to image converting tool, you can make Hangul images without installing any program or font! It is very easy to use. Just input Hangul message and select font size, font type and font color to make Hangul image. You can your own Hangul text image to use on your own SNS, blog or website.

This is basic version tool. If you want standard version for more specific settings, click here please. Otherwise here is another version for making KPOP idol supporting board.

Hangul to image converter - basic version

Your word or character is larger than paper, you maybe fail to download image. If so, resize your word or character please.

How to use

  1. Input your Hangul message text. Maximum text length is 30 letters.
  2. Select font size, font color and font type.
  3. Click 'Convert' button.
  4. Click converted image to download it.
[Penpal] Let's make Korean friends!
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