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Hangul Consonant+Vowel Typing Practice for mobile

Written : 2018.4.29
This is a Hangul typing practice program for mobile. You can practice on mobile using touch screen. You can not practice using keyboard on PC or mobile. Hangul Consonant+Vowel Typing Practice for PC

Consonants and Vowels

Practice results
Your typing practice results will show up here. The results won't be saved. So if you leave this page, your practice results will be deleted.
Total Per a minute Accuracy
30 Secs/200 Letters 400 Letters 96.7%
NO. Time Errors
10 2.1 Secs 0
9 4.3 Secs 0
8 5.3 Secs 3
7 3.4 Secs 0
6 4.3 Secs 6
5 2.6 Secs 2
4 3.4 Secs 0
3 2.4 Secs 1
2 3.1 Secs 0
[Penpal] Let's make Korean friends!
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