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Tongyeong English tourist map

Written : 2018.1.21

Tourist map and information about Tongyeong, Korea

This map is an official tourist map of Tongyeong(Tongyeong-si) made by Tongyeong local government. You can get this map of paper version at tourist information center in Tongyeong or at tourist information center of highway rest-area for free.

About Tongyeong

Tongyeong is 4 hours 26 minutes away from Seoul and 1 hour 39 minutes away from Busan by car. There is no direct KTX or SRT route from Seoul or Busan to Tongyeong. (KTX - Korea Train eXpress and SRT - Super Rapid Train are Korean high-speed trains)

You can write 'Tongyeong' as '통영' in Hangul, Korean letters. If you want to practice writing '통영' before your Tongyeong trip, click here and download Hangul writing practice worksheet of '통영'.
Tourist map of Tongyeong City
Tourist map of Tongyeong City
[Penpal] Let's make Korean friends!
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